Elsie’s Leader Voices Podcast Episode

Could depression actually be an asset in your leadership? Elsie Ramsey, founder of Bigger than Depression, argues that it can. On this episode of Elsie’s Leader Voices Podcast, she discusses how her experience with depression has helped her succeed in the workplace and build lasting relationships. Joining her is comedian Tristan Bowling who shares his own journey with depression and anxiety. Together, they offer profound insights on how to lead through mental health challenges. If you’re ready to gain a new perspective on depression, anxiety, and leadership, don’t miss this episode!

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It Takes a Task Force by Elsie Ramsey and Louisa Farr

When the weight of the holiday season is too much to bear, Elsie turns to a panel of experts discussing the art of self-compassion. As an advocate for mental health and an experienced writer, Elsie provides a unique perspective on the importance of community, vulnerability, and compassion in our daily lives. Through her cousin Louisa, a seasoned healer and Occupational Therapist, Elsie discovers a new way to approach pain and suffering.

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What Does Radical Self Love Mean?

Do you ever wonder what makes you righteous? Is it the clothes you wear or the restaurants you used to frequent? In a world where we constantly seek validation and justification for our existence, this question deserves serious reflection. And in times of crisis, we dig our heels in even further. But beyond our physical bodies, there lies a stubborn flicker of magic – our spirit. The one that God lit on the day we were born. Want to delve deeper into the concept of radical self-love and the role it plays in our lives? Keep reading.

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