Empowering Mental Wellness Together

Bigger Than Depression uses digital narrative therapy to combat stigma, boost self-assurance, and elevate mental health literacy.

Bigger Than Depression

Building a Stronger Foundation: The Three Pillars of Mental Health

Digital Narrative

Share your story with this community


Tell the world it’s ok not to be ok

Stigma Reduction

Spread knowledge and boost empathy

Meet the Founder

Elsie Ramsey Began With a Vision to Break Mental Health Stereotypes Through Storytelling and Transparency


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Narrative Therapy

Utilize stories to heal

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Elsie and BTD in the press

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Elsie’s Healthcare Content


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Benefits You’ll Experience

Discover The Positive Impacts of Digital Narrative Therapy

Personal Growth

Unlock your true potential

Increased Resilience

Develop resilience to face challenges

Improved Relationships

Enhance your connections with others

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