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Bigger Than Depression​

We amplify voices often unheard, providing a platform for stories of resilience.

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We are building a world without stigma, one story at a time.

Bigger than Depression transforms the landscape of mental health through the power of personal narratives, comprehensive resources, and robust community support. The process of narrating one’s story involves identifying patterns, triggers, and coping mechanisms, thereby enhancing self-awareness.

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We strive to inform the public and policymakers about the complexities of mental health and the importance of compassionate support systems.

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Meet the Founder

Elsie’s unwavering dedication to mental health advocacy finds its most powerful expression through the art of storytelling. Her passion is evident in everything she does, whether she’s hosting insightful podcasts, crafting poignant short films, or engaging in various other narrative mediums.

Elsie says
“For me becoming a leader has been about shedding those conventional ideas of success. It’s been about me saying, ‘I’ve struggled with depression my whole life. And I get up and I live and I fight through it.’
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