Best of 2023 Research Stories

In 2023, significant strides were made in understanding the pandemic’s influence on mental health, alongside fresh revelations about the effects of air pollution, diet, and mindfulness on the brain. From young people struggling with increased anxiety and depression to the genetic roots of post-partum depression, researchers uncovered groundbreaking findings.

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The Virtual Cavalry: Telehealth & Crisis Response

In today’s Age of Insecurity, crises are universal and require alliances between medicine, technology, government agencies, and NGOs. One organization, Health Tech Without Borders, has harnessed the power of telehealth and social media to provide vital services to those in need. Through text-based communication, their volunteers have facilitated thousands of telemedicine visits in crisis zones.

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The Contagious Despair of Heroin Hubs

In the heart of Philadelphia lies a stark reality that stands in stark contrast to the city’s “brotherly love” ethos. Tent cities, or “heroin hubs” house addicts that are in a dire state of despair and are in need of proper care. The city’s ongoing battle against the opioid epidemic has been fraught with controversy and has led to mass evictions. The consequences of inaction will be tragic, and it is up to the community to act and provide much-needed support to help those in need get better.

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Is It Time To Revise The COVID Mental Health Narrative?

Is the COVID mental health narrative in need of revision? Recent studies have yielded perplexing findings, sparking debate and confusion. While some official sources suggest a significant impact on mental health due to the pandemic, other studies contradict this prevailing assumption. As a mental health advocate, the author delves deeper into the dissonance and encourages readers to remain open to confusion.

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