Let’s NOT Go Back to Normal by Elsie Ramsey

Before Corona, in another lifetime, Americans lived a life of collective malaise. Whether you realized it or not, our way of life was subverting your true, genuine happiness.

Our leaders could have made different choices. Choices that would make us less financially vulnerable, isolated and fearful, but they didn’t.

It was an America with two core beliefs: Hyper- Individualism and MEGA Capitalism.

Both beliefs have many merits. They have their sad byproducts too, like everything else.

I’d like to state some facts about our country’s distinguishing features so we’re not talking in abstract concepts.

As you read this tiny list, think about how we’re at an inflection point that affords us a unique opportunity. Imagine minimizing or even eliminating any of these American realities:

On any given day, and in any sort of setting, it’s not unlikely you could get shot.

On any given day you could be completely wiped out financially by a health crisis or death in the family.  (One percenters exempted).

Are you black? You and your loved ones are in serious danger of dying or being seriously injured at the hands of the police. That cop will likely pay no price.

Just three.  

If you’re clinically depressed and/or anxious for the first time due to quarantine, it’s natural to want to resume prior activities.

Same for those who were clinically depressed before quarantine because it probably got even worse these last several months.

I’ve been chomping at the bit myself.

But we really, really need to think about what we’re going back to clearly and objectively before we fall back into the old, miserable routines.

It could be our last chance to take a sledgehammer to systemic anguish before it kills us.

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