Time Capsule Storage Room

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go through the belongings of a loved one who has passed away? The weight of their memories and the tangible remnants of their life can be both illuminating and wrenching. In a poignant article, the author shares their experience watching a documentary about a woman going through her deceased sister’s storage room filled with artwork, journals, and medication bottles. The article touches on the author’s personal experience with a deceased parent’s belongings and the desire for their family to go through and cherish the items left behind. Get ready to be moved by this emotional reflection.

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Losing an Estranged Parent

I was initiated into two clubs that no one wants to join: Daughters Who’ve Lost Their Fathers and People Who Listen For Calls In the Night. The so called hardest kind; the kind one feels when a relationship was fraught with contradictions-love, hurt, adoration, disillusionment. But guilt never entered the picture–the guilt that would have eaten me alive had I not made the move from estrangement to mild connectedness in those final months. The grief is a sacred space, hushed like an empty church on a scorching hot Texas summer day. I let it lead me where it will.

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