May’s Top Ten Research Stories

May was full of important breakthroughs, covering a range of mental health areas of research: Yale University released the results of a study that identified the over 100 gene variants connected with major depressive disorder. The University of California San Francisco released the results of the first comprehensive MDMA phase 3 clinical trial. A study showing correlation between past depression and/or depressive episodes during gestation, even if resolved by the time of birth, with poorer quality mother/infant relationships.

This is a curated list of what I consider the additional highlights from last month’s publications:

1 We all know poor sleep is connected with poor mental health, worsening existing symptoms and sometimes leading to first time symptoms of emotional distress. Unfortunately, sleep issues have been understudied: this piece gathers the work that has been done and what we know today.

2 Boston Children’s Hospital published a study showing connections between improved mental health and transgender surgery.

3 Apparently there’s a connection between our heart health and higher levels of mental illness, according to this study.

4 The effects race have on our mental health and how to address the concerns as we return to communal life is shared here.

5 A new digital behavioral health platform comes to market for employers concerned with supporting the mental health of employees.

6 Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith announced May 18th that the Minnesota Department of Human Services has received a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to support mental health care.

7 Screen time may not play a meaningful role in our mental health after all.

8 The damage done to communities of color by unjust police killings is described and outlined here.

9 A look at one of the primary reasons mental health apps work for so many users.

10 Psychedelic medicine is about to rock the psychiatric profession, ushering in a new era in its practice.

Stay tuned for June’s highlights: this roundup will be a regular monthly piece from here on out! Happy reading, everyone.

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