Letter to my Nephew by Elsie Ramsey

Hi, Jack:

You came into my life 18 months ago. I introduced myself as your aunt by touching, kissing, and whispering in your tiny ear.

When I hold you, I think about how I never want you to feel alone.

I’ve often felt alone because of something called depression. I’ll tell you what that means when you are older.

I’ll tell you because I want you to see an adult living and loving despite having sad feelings.

As you grow, you’ll have sad feelings too. Everyone does. But if they get so big that you need help, you’ll know your aunt needed help, too.

And the help I’ve gotten from loving doctors, your mom, uncle and nana wasn’t embarrassing or private.

That’s what I want you to know more than anything.

Fast forward to May 2023: now you’re four! You ask for “space” when you want to be left alone to play with your animals. And last time we were at the playground, you told me not to tickle you. Boundaries, set and expressed with ease. I marvel at you.

-Aunt Elsie

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