July’s Top Ten Research Stories

I resume this series with JOY because newly published research has been providing major insights into behavioral health topics these days. July has given us updated numbers on COVID’s impact on our mental health, drawing distinctions based on age, gender and economic circumstances. Last month’s findings also touch on critical components of wellness like sleep, alcohol consumption, and sexual identity.

For the highlights, see my personally curated list below:

1 ONE night of decreased sleep is all it takes to negatively impact our psychological and physical health. 

2 The Rand Corporation measured the magnitude of America’s mental health crisis, tapping artist Giorgia Lupi to create a visual representation of the complex array of factors involved.

3 Despite the strains associated with urban living, researchers from the University of Chicago found residents of cities less depressed than other Americans.

4 The increase in alcohol abuse stemming from COVID is not being adequately addressed by the medical profession says data elaborated upon in a piece published in The NY Times.

5 In the West, wildfires are increasing and victims will face serious mental health consequences say researchers from UCLA. The study emphasizes an urgent need for services to support survivors.

6 New parents need social support beyond the baby phase to effectively combat an increased risk for anxiety and depression says this study.

7 A Denmark study found links between schizophrenia and elevated levels of marijuana abuse.

8 A new drug for postpartum depression is poised to transform treatment, according to data cited by Time Magazine.

9 LGBTQ+ youth experience more severe mental health challenges than their straight peers; a study from Utah looks at the potential causes.

10 Writing is a proven method of healing trauma!  Data that confers scientific legitimacy on something I already know is a beautiful thing!

We’ll end on that note. You’ll being seeing the August round up soon.

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