Picture (Im)Perfect–My First Podcast Interview by Elsie Ramsey

This month, I finally faced my fear of podcasts and agreed to be interviewed about being young and vulnerable in the fashion business on “Mental Filter“, hosted by Shmuel Fischler.

It was painful, liberating, and FUN. Shmuel is a therapist, which makes him an ideal interviewer–he comes at any and all subjects with a compassionate ear. For that reason, you should absolutely subscribe after listening to my episode.

No one listens to me talk for the better part of an hour unless they’re getting paid (shout out to my therapists) but maybe you’ll tune in for a bit

Every new thing you try in life has a reward. Not necessarily a tangible one like money or recognition–those only produce short bursts of adrenaline that fade quickly, like the sparklers couples pass out at weddings or waitresses hold while bringing your table a $1,000 bottle of vodka.

Anyone else ever hold one of those sparklers at a wedding and think to themselves “I hope their love has more lasting power than these silly pyrotechnics…”.

But getting back to my point, the reward here is one of great value: a feeling of pride. Possibly the most elusive feeling in all of life if you battle depression like me. I cherish it accordingly.

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