March’s Top 10 Research Stories

Before a new season begins, I want to catch you up on news from the world of mental health research. I’ve decided to feature some POSITIVE studies because we (actually “I”), need the uplift as a bitter winter rages on. There is some devastating news in here like # 10…skip it if you’re already hurting from the Ukraine tragedy. Next time I’ll be writing from a warmer room and perspective.

Just one serving of vegetables improves your mental health. Stock up on some broccoli next time you go shopping.

Strokes present a higher risk for depression down the line.

Tech startups like Cerebral and Done have made it easier to prescribe Adderall: Providers are feeling the pressure to comply.

We know trauma has lasting, sometimes generational, effects. Doctors in the Ukraine are worried about the future mental health of their children.

Pandemic depression has lasted and its impact is seen across class lines.

Nature sounds benefit your health! If it’s warming up where you live, grab a blanket and hit a park.

Lack of sunlight and mental health distress are connected.

Schools are safer when mental and behavioral health support is provided.

There’s a new tool that could help prevent COVID risk in people with mental illness.

Having Schizophrenia is the second biggest risk factor for dying from COVID.

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