Creative Control

In a world that wants to look away from mental illness, one woman chose truth and vulnerability. She discovered the power of narrative control through writing and created a platform for herself and others to tell their stories. Despite grappling with the unpredictability of bipolar disorder and the fear of losing her loved one, she stands guard and keeps a constant eye out for trouble. Through it all, she continues to put words to these experiences and insists on their presence. The words, her own now, save her again and again. Sometimes they’re all she has, and it’s more than enough.

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Watching Mania Turn Into Psychosis

The day someone I love was hospitalized, the world turned sideways. New York City’s noises went from thrumming chorus to sharp screams-each honk, siren and raised voice split me in half. The dams broke. Thunder and lightening raged outside. It was 2am. Police stormed up the stairs in riot gear to the locked apartment. They met him where he was. They saved his life. The world tilted sideways permanently. My heart broke and then fell back together in a new shape. Compassion has grown from the seeds of trauma. But the light shines through the pines on good days; brighter now that I’ve seen darkness so deep that the word “black” does not suffice.

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