1. That’s the title of Andrew Soloman’s brilliant book about depression. I looked up the phrase’s origin and found this:

In the original Christian context, “Demon” is a kind of indifference to the spiritual life, “a lack of spiritual energy.”

And then there’s “Noonday”. The qualifier implies an unafraid visitor, confident enough to appear in broad daylight.

This week I’ve been slaying a dragon. Someone I love very much suffers from bipolar disorder and we’re waging war against an enemy that possesss boundless energy. We meet our foe with a profound deficit: a “lack of spiritual energy”.

How do we even begin to meet the challenge? What’s our path to victory? The answer is simple.

We fight as a family. We fight with every fiber of our being. We fight for the one we love more than life itself.

And victory will be ours.

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