THAT Aria by Abby Powell

I have finally arrived at the point in my life in which I will no longer be able to allow doubt and fear to crowd my judgement.

Not my work colleagues’ doubt and fear

Not my supervisors’ doubt and fear

Not my friends’. Not my families’.

Not my ancestors’ karmic fears and doubts.

Not yours

And certainly not my own, which have been heavier than any of the aforementioned.

I simply do not have any room in my life for it.

What I want for this world is so big

And so beautiful

And so ABUNDANT (already abundant).

That it has crowded out all the noise.

Please expect the world from me.

I no longer believe that I am owed anything by this great big world.

It’s a great big world we owe to each other and I came here to give it to you.

Hello, my name is Abby Powell, and I’d like to sing THAT aria for you today.

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