Top 10 Research Developments in September

After Labor Day weekend, I consider it Fall. September was the shot of energy I needed; the desire to engage with research returned to me. The star of September’s show was the leak of internal Facebook documents, initially published by the Wall Street Journal, showing years of incriminating data obtained by the platform. Facebook’s studies repeatedly showed causal connections between Instagram use and mental health problems, such as eating disorders, among adolescent girls. The data has galvanized legislators and researchers to dig in so expect to keep seeing related content in future recaps. For now, enjoy and welcome to autumn!

Apple is reportedly working on using iPhones to detect and flag signs of anxiety and depression. Data collected on the phone regarding metrics like mobility, sleep and typing style may hold the key to early detection.

Penn University released a study on the damaging effects of gun violence on children. Researchers found kids located blocks away from a shooting are more likely to visit the ER for a mental health emergency.

Mental health problems can be spread at work, just like the common cold. A study shows new hires can affect co-workers with their mental health problems.

The most critical quality for effective leadership is EMPATHY a study shows. Empathetic leaders drive retention, innovation and more.

Getting a first dose of the COVID vaccine boosts your mental health says this study.

The Lancet is peer reviewing a study showing that over half of young people globally say climate change anxiety is affecting their daily life.

Muslims in America face a 50% higher risk of suicide than others says this study. And it’s mental health, not martyrdom driving the numbers.

An excess of free time is harmful to your mental health.

Studies of COVID’s harm to our mental health continue being released. The latest snapshot here.

Research shows a connection between air pollution and severe mental illness.

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