Grown Up Report Cards by Elsie Ramsey

Thanksgiving is of course about eating. But we have a more complicated mandate coming on Thursday.

We sit down at the table and affirm the rules of engagement.

“Let’s go around the table and all state what we’re grateful for this year”!

And so it begins.

I saw the expression Toxic Positivity on Twitter today and recognized the seasonal relevance.

Sure, gratitude lists are important and essential and blah, blah, blah but the gratitude just got sucked right out of me by the prompt.

I can explain. I’m not a sad, bitter human being. At least not everyday!

But here I sense the need to name a tangible life achievement. This is a life performance review. It’s a report card, and we’re comparing our grades.

This is one of those well intentioned depression traps.

Luck favors the prepared, so I’m putting together my short list today.

And if you have a mood disorder or love someone who does, you’re already ahead of the game. Because the correct answer is:

I’m Still Here.

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