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August’s Top 10 Research Stories

August is a month for relaxing, right? If I was French, I’d be coast side with multiple generations of family– concerned with making meals, drinking wine, sunbathing, and communal activity. But I’m an American making a living and we have some major studies coming out. Please don’t let that stop you from reading this with a cocktail in hand.

Low serotonin does NOT cause depression. Wow.

Travel therapy is a thing! And it’s been shown to provide mental health and wellness benefits! Who knew?!

In today’s fraught political landscape, we’ve seen that facts often don’t change people’s minds. This study explains why.

What do therapists feel is the root cause of many psychiatric complaints? Lack of self compassion.

More support for the substantial connectivity between physical and mental health.

Food insecurity and nutrition impact mental health in these ways.

What does research tell us about prayer and mental health?

Brain fingerprinting could unlock clues to future mental health outcomes.

Our negative moods could serve an important purpose.

The mental health impact of overturning Roe V. Wade.

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