Bigger Than Depression

Let's Talk Depression

Let's Talk Depression

My name is Elsie Ramsey and I am one of the many millions in this country who thrive in spite of chronic depression.

For as long as I can remember, I have battled feelings of despair and worthlessness.  When I discovered the combined healing power of community, transparency and creativity, Bigger Than Depression was born.

Here you will find the latest behavioral health news and personal essays from people with lived experience. Please join  by contributing your own story: our voices help others understand mental health’s role in all aspects of life. Little by little, knowledge destroys stigma.

If you agree that talking about emotional pain is necessary for both individual wellness and a compassionate world, send your videos and writing via the “Submit” panel below. You can also support this work by making a financial donation. Our contributors keep the stories coming.

Welcome! I am so glad you’re here. 

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