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Video: Using Depression as an Excuse

Video: Advice From People Who Live With Anxiety

Video: Depression V. Low Grade Depression

Depression #LetsTalk-Angelo’s Story

It Takes a Task Force by Elsie Ramsey and Louisa Farr

In mid-December, when my “seasonal stress” looked a lot like clinical anxiety, I found a task force. Christmas was nearing and I’d been trying–not very successfully–to soothe myself with spiritual reflection. The biblical story would soon tell of the Magi, opening their treasure chests to give gold, frankincense, and myrrh to an infant in a

December’s Top 10 Research Stories

The last month of 2021 didn’t have a single big story but that doesn’t mean we should sleep on the highlights. It’s my job to sift through the noise and find what matters–here’s the fruit of my labors (better late than never). Happy New Year, everyone. I have a feeling this is going to be

Charlie Brown Gets Depression at Christmas and I’m Loving It

Updates to State Licensing Laws: Check Your State

I happen to be one of the lucky ones. My state, Pennsylvania, decided to extend COVID state of emergency legislation through March of 2022. That’s a big deal for me because I get to keep receiving virtual therapy from my New York based psychiatrist. While legislation allowing for streamlined cross-state licensing procedures is being adopted

Help for the Holidays with Depression

Tell Me My Worldview is Wrong

In my personal experience, when I see large scale ugliness in the world, my depression does a little victory dance.  My depression is like, “see!  I was right all along”. Same with set backs in my personal life.  Someone I love back at a bottom, work being stalled, loneliness, and things in my apartment breaking.