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Activate Care Mode by Elsie Ramsey

I have an immediate family member who is sicker than I am. This is not a mental illness competition; I’m simply stating a fact. My depression has profoundly marked my life but I’ve never needed hospitalization or been unable to get out of bed and go to work. If an onlooker studied me closely on

Time Capsule Storage Room

I watched a documentary last night called ’32 Pills: My Sister’s Suicide”.  It was rough going: I got about 30 minutes in before walking away. No one close to me has committed suicide, and I don’t dare venture into what that particular brand of hell must be like.  But the central action of the film

Losing an Estranged Parent by Elsie Ramsey

Last summer, days after my birthday, our family received a call in the middle of the night from my dad’s girlfriend, Pat. He’d died in her bed. Before the call to my mother-his ex-wife, I got a text sent from my dad’s phone written by Pat. It said: “Please Call It’s An Emergency”. I was

A Booomer Remembers Situational Depression (Anonymous)

I am-in general-a pretty happy person. I take after my mother-who used to announce every morning over her coffee: “I have a sunny disposition”. This as she took a long drag on the first cigarette of the day. I was like her. And life for me in the 50s and 60s was pretty hunky-dory until

New Film”Loving Vincent” by Elsie Ramsey

I saw this film on Sunday and it’s special.  Watch the trailer below. I was especially struck by one line from a letter van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo. The letter was breezy overall but then this: “Everyday feels like a week. For some reason everyday feels like a week”. Oh, how I know

Have Meds Not Moved the Needle Enough?

Researchers believe that prescribed medications play a key role in the treatment of mental illness. They can reduce symptoms and prevent relapses of a psychiatric disorder. I don’t remember when Prozac hit the market because I was a child in 1987. But from what I’ve read, it was a hallelujah moment; a turning point; a