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March’s Top 10 Research Stories

It’s time to dive back into the data! Here are my new and noteworthy picks for this month. Maybe it’s time to switch up your beverage of choice: new research from Kumamoto University suggests Japanese matcha tea powder improves symptoms of Depression. Through long-term observation of over 5k 9 and 10 year olds, a Yale

That Uncertain Something by Gila Lyons

My new therapist tells me that many people function happily day to day by maintaining a healthy denial of all the things they cannot control. Until recently, I lived at the other extreme, as if calamity could befall me any minute. Anticipating earthquakes, heart attacks, carbon monoxide poisoning and global famine left me exhausted, with

Elsie’s Leader Voices Podcast Episode

About Episode: “Could depression be an asset in your leadership? Elsie Ramsey, founder of the nonprofit Bigger than Depression, says it can. She says depression has helped her navigate workplaces, build lasting relationships, and promote her ideas. Comedian Tristan Bowling is in a different place in his journey. Sadhna talks with both about the profound

August’s Top 10 Research Stories

August is a month for relaxing, right? If I was French, I’d be coast side with multiple generations of family– concerned with making meals, drinking wine, sunbathing, and communal activity. But I’m an American making a living and we have some major studies coming out. Please don’t let that stop you from reading this with

The 42nd July

They call it falling in love. It is more like rising. Swimming upwards-arms and legs making powerful slices through water. Energy directed towards the surface, where I see my birth rights- Sunshine and Air.  Temptation arises.   Still underwater….. Linger in these gentle currents and side stroke comfortably.  It is my way. False moves blocked.  Eyes.

Staying Sane While Working From Home

March’s Top 10 Research Stories

Before a new season begins, I want to catch you up on news from the world of mental health research. I’ve decided to feature some POSITIVE studies because we (actually “I”), need the uplift as a bitter winter rages on. There is some devastating news in here like # 10…skip it if you’re already hurting

Dangerous as a Sleepwalker by Elsie Ramsey

“I fight my battle with monopolated light and power”. -Ralph Ellison I think about loneliness often and most so when I am lonely. In the aftermath of a glorious trip to Puerto Rico, spent in a state of harmonious connection with light, water and people, I am mourning sudden absences. Home in Philadelphia, winter is

Connecting in Puerto Rico by Elsie Ramsey

I’m on vacation in Puerto Rico for two weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this respite from the East Coast and the grinding pressure of life in semi-post COVID for MONTHS. And now that I’m here, I have to put away the bad habits that prevent meaningful experience. We got off to a bumpy start

The Biggest Case of My Life By Geoffrey Melada

I remember the first time I argued before a judge. I was representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 17 years ago in a preliminary hearing for aggravated assault on a child. In the long and contentious hearing, I was up against a very experienced criminal defense attorney, and I was a mere law school trainee. But