Elsie Ramsey is a vocal advocate for normalizing conversations about mental illness in both our professional and personal lives. Holding a BA in Political Science from Hunter College and an MA in Communications from Johns Hopkins University, she has worked in politics, non-profits focused on reducing unemployment, and behavioral health care technology. She has turned her own experiences with depression into a tool for connecting with others and supporting leaders to integrate mental health and self-acceptance into their leadership. Bigger Than Depression seeks to minimize the isolation and suffering of mood disorders with online content that resonates with peoples' experience of struggle.

Elsie notes, "There is a singular comfort one gets from connecting with peers, that in no way negates the role of quality clinical care in getting and staying well. With that principle in mind, I developed the foundational philosophy that guides my work as a writer, activist and solicitor of stories: If I recover loudly, I help prevent others from dying quietly. I do not mean death only in the literal sense here; I’ve undergone many spiritual deaths during depressive episodes that destroyed pieces of my personhood. The good news is those deaths eventually lead to the building of something new and wonderful; Bigger Than Depression is one such example".

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