Is It Time To Revise The COVID Mental Health Narrative?

There’s no arguing with numbers but that doesn’t mean that the recently released BMJ study suggesting the pandemic’s impact on mental health was negligible isn’t perplexing. The study’s authors, listed here, compared symptoms reported before and during the pandemic, finding “most symptom change estimates for general mental health, anxiety symptoms, and depression symptoms were close …

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The Discrimination Penalty

A study released this week by UCLA is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Why does the media care so much? Why should you care so much? We now know the statistical likelihood of serious mental health complications for victims of discrimination. Over 10 years, from 2007 to 2017, researchers gathered data showing young adults aged 18-28 …

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Top Ten Research Developments in July

I resume this series with JOY because newly published research has been providing major insights into behavioral health topics these days. July has given us updated numbers on COVID’s impact on our mental health, drawing distinctions based on age, gender and economic circumstances. Last month’s findings also touch on critical components of wellness like sleep, alcohol consumption, and sexual identity. For …

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